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From the Archives: Marking milestones

Centenarian-plus. That’s what we’d be if the newspaper were a human being. This year, 2023, marks the Intermountain Jewish News’ 110th anniversary, and our subscribers should all be receiving a commemorative magazine next week marking the occasion.

Beginning in 1993, with our 80th anniversary, these large-size magazines have become a staple of ours, every five years, marking the milestone.

But how did we celebrate milestone anniversaries in years past?

We came across the 40th anniversary edition of the IJN, published March 26, 1953.


A congratulatory letter from the President of the United States. Wrote Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Your anniversary comes at a time when freedom of the press is but a bitter memory in many parts of the world where Jewish people are again struggling against ruthless oppression and tyranny.” President Biden’s letter in our magazine coming out July 3 doesn’t reflect as dire a situation as what was happening in the Soviet Union, but there is thematic overlap.

Historical perspective. Any anniversary is an invitation to reflect. The 110th has a community scrapbook, a curated collection of photos that have appeared in the IJN and an essay from Mrs. Charles Spivak, widow of the IJN founder (sourced in fact from the 40th anniversary edition!) among other reflective features. The 40th featured an essay from local historian Ida Uchill entitled “40th Anniversary of Jewish News Recalls 94-year History of Denver Jewry.”

Congratulatory letters and advertisements from the Allied Jewish Federation (today JEWISHcolorado) and other community organizations and leaders as well as from Jewish-led businesses.


The most significant difference is that today the anniversary magazine is a standalone product, presented as a gift from the IJN to its readers. The magazine offers far more special content than the 40th anniversary newspaper did, as those features were integrated into a regular print newspaper. The special features expanded the size of that weekly newspaper by 16 pages, whereas the magazine arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes next week is 178 pages!

The timing of the anniversary was also slightly different. Today, we mark the anniversary in the summer. In 1953, the anniversary was marked as part of the IJN’s Passover edition.

Ahead of receiving the 100th, why not peruse the 40th? The complete edition is available in digital format via the IJN archive. And if you’re not a paid subscriber but would like to order the 110th Anniversary Magazine, or if you’re looking for extra copies, head over here to order your copy today.

This online feature explores the IJN’s new digital archive, discovering the news of the week, years ago.

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