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ImmunaBand stores, shares vaccine status

Dr. Tashof Bernton was discussing COVID-19 immunity, antibodies, and whether it would be helpful to know who was virus-protected with his son, a light bulb popped. “Once the vaccine was developed, I thought it might be nice to know who was vaccinated for two reasons,” Bernton tells the Intermountain Jewish News. “First, it was important to demonstrate support for the vaccination program in general. “It also was an act of courtesy to the people around you if they knew you’d been vaccinated.” In a later conversation with an immune-compromised friend, Bernton learned that even vaccinated individuals may not produce sufficient antibodies. “For these people, knowing who’s been vaccinated is more than a courtesy,” Bernton says. “It’s extremely important. That’s when ImmunaBand came together.” ImmunaBand’s Premium […]

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