Saturday, June 3, 2023 -
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Post-COVID era: Psychologist addresses reentry

When millions of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 got the all clear to forgo masks (with some exceptions), cheers greeted this long-awaited portal to normalcy.
But other people are terrified, not of COVID, but of returning to regular life after 14 months of hibernation, isolation and limited in-person contact.
Dr. Shoshana Adler, a Denver psychoanalyst and psychologist, says the thought of reentering this brave new world may cause or exacerbate depression, anxiety and other mood disruptions.
She was elated that the Intermountain Jewish News was writing about the repercussions of reentry on mental health. “It’s about time,” she Zooms.
While the uptick in reentry depression and anxiety may seem counter intuitive — after all, America COVID outlook has vastly improved — she says these reactions are natural.
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