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The late Sen. Joe Lieberman in his moment of glory after he was nominated for vice-president on the Democratic ticket in 2000. He and Al Gore lost in a razor-close election to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney that was ultimately resolved by the US Supreme Court. (IJN file photo)

Lieberman retrospective: Wisdom in & out of politics

One of the perks of a career in journalism is meeting people of prominence. And, I like to tell people, one of the downsides of a career in journalism is […]

War in Ramadan — double standard

A double-standard is the usual standard applied to Israel in its relations with hostile Arab nations — the latest example of which is international pressure to suspend...

Spiritual defense — ‘Partners in Protection’

Elad ben Batya is the Hebrew name of the soldier, likely serving in Gaza during the last few months, in whose merit Terri Moore, a third-generation Jewish resident of...

Despite living in their own war zone, Ukrainian Jews are supporting Israel

Many Ukrainian Jews today , despite being of limited financial means, dependent on pensions or small salaries, are contributing to the Jerusalem-based Schechter...

Yom Kippur observed in Odessa amidst a war and kapparot

After[/dropcap] a relatively quiet Rosh Hashanah — in other words, only a few sirens blaring at night, and no Russian missiles falling on their city itself — the...

Touro Synagogue, nestled in historic Newport, Rhode Island. (John Nordell/ Christian Science Monitor/Getty)

Synagogues are coming to terms with slave labor

America's oldest synagogues, Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island and Kahal Kadosh Beth Eloh-m (KKBE) in Charleston, South Carolina, are coming to terms with slave...

Masbia soup kitchen seeks to feed asylum-seekers from distressed nations

During the past year, New York soup kitchen Masbia, whose volunteers and staff members have joined those from a few other local refugee-protection and human rights...

The righteous: They risked their lives to save Jews

One would think that someone who grew up in the US and spent three years travelling thousands of miles overseas and pouring through tens of thousands of documents and...

Ode to the matzah ball

PASSOVER EDITION 5783 SECTION C PAGE 15 Call it the Case of the Battling Bubbes. Friends of mine, a young couple, invited me to a Friday night Shabbos meal in […]

Ukraine — stories from one year of war

The world on Feb. 24 will mark a sad anniversary — a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, a once-fellow republic in the Soviet Union.