Tuesday, May 24, 2022 -
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    Biden to visit Israel

    President Joe Biden accepted an invitation to visit Israel amid differences between the allies over how best to contain Iran and the White House’s concern over...

    Ponovezh Yeshiva . . . Mariupol, Ukraine

    Mariupol, the beleaguered industrial center in eastern Ukraine, also has a rich and often tragic Jewish history, shaped by conflict and the efforts of previous...

    Jewish baseball players to watch in 2022

    After two pandemic-altered seasons, a three-month lockout and a truncated free agent frenzy, the 2022 Major League Baseball season is finally here.

    ‘I’m 95, and suddenly a pop singer’

    By Victor Wishna NEW YORK — Madeline Millman was just 17 when she took centerstage at the Adams Theatre in downtown Newark, NJ, stepping into the same spotlight where...

    In Belgium, repair shop will not serve Jews

    The owner of a car repair shop in Belgium said he will not serve Jewish clients to protest Israel’s position over Russia’s war on Ukraine.

    Journalist resigns; told to describe neo-Nazi group as ‘far right’

    One of Poland’s most prominent journalists, Konstanty Gebert, said he is quitting what many regard as the country’s newspaper of record after it demanded that he...

    Uighur-blind, China cites Holocaust

    Two months ago, shortly after the Olympics began in Beijing, the US Holocaust Museum took a shot at China for its treatment of the Uighur minority group.

    The great kosher chicken shortage

    The reports are coming fast and furious from the Costcos, butcheries and grocery stores of America: Kosher chicken is hard to come by.

    Turmoil at New Mexico federation

    What happened next set off a crisis in Jewish communal life in New Mexico that many say could unravel the philanthropic structure supporting synagogues, elder care for...

    An Israeli and a Ukrainian, fighting in Ukraine

    As an Orthodox Jewish man, each morning Tzvi Arieli wraps his arm and forehead with tefilin, the black leather straps and two small boxes filled with verses from the...