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The new Workers Party Member of Parliament for Rochdale, In Los Angeles, Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protesters face off outside a planned speech by Ran Bar-Yoshafat, an Israeli reservist whose speech at the University of California, Berkeley, was derailed, Feb. 29, 2024. (Jacob Gurvis)

At Berkeley, IDF speaker cancelled amid violence

By Jacob Gurvis LOS ANGELES — As a member of the Israeli military who frequently speaks on Israel’s behalf, Ran Bar-Yoshafat is used to being heckled by anti-Israel...

Polish ‘countess’ saved thousands

In December, 1941, a petite, elegant woman left her home in Eastern Galicia, where she was known as the Jewish mathematician Janina Spinner Mehlberg. Three days later,...

World’s oldest Jew dies

Pearl Berg, thought to be the oldest Jewish person in the world and the third oldest American, died on Feb. 1 in Los Angeles. She was 114.

IDF rescues 2 hostages in Rafah

The Israeli military has rescued two hostages in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, the second such rescue since Hamas took hundreds of Israelis captive on Oct. 7.

David Rubenstein heads group acquiring the Orioles

Jewish billionaire businessman David Rubenstein has reportedly agreed to purchase the Baltimore Orioles.

Russia extends journalist Gershkovich’s pre-trial detention

A Moscow court extended the pretrial detention of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich through March 30, meaning that he will have spent at least a year behind...

Marking Kfir’s birthday — but it wasn’t a celebration

By Deborah Danan TEL AVIV — Three weeks after her cousin was abducted and taken to Gaza along with her family, Yifar Zailer said she knew one thing for sure:

24 IDF soldiers killed in Israel’s deadliest day since Oct. 7

Twenty-four Israeli soldiers were killed in the Gaza Strip in two separate incidents on Monday, marking the deadliest day for Israel since the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7.

Tel Aviv street art reflects war

The horrors of war impacted the walls of Tel Aviv: creators started filling them with large artworks dedicated to the fallen, the taken and the heroes of Oct. 7 and...

Nine IDF soldiers killed on Jan. 8 in Gaza

Nine Israeli soldiers were killed, including six in one incident, during fighting in Gaza on Jan. 8 as Israel announced a new phase that officials said would be more...