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Citrusy hamantaschen

Lemon or orange?

Until last week we thought the big question revolving around hamantaschen prep was the fold versus pinch debate. Of course that’s only after exhausting the topic of fillings. And it was in the midst of that conversation on our Facebook page that we encountered this new dilemma: citrus zest. Do you punch up your dough with lemon or orange zest?

Our tried-and-true recipe included lemon zest, but Facebook fan Sue Black wrote that for her, hamantaschen just ‘aint hamantaschen without an orange flavor. So we took up the unspoken challenge, and earlier this week tried out a new hamantaschen recipe.

Now choice of zest was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to differences in this new recipe, which came to us via Shiksa in the Kitchen. This dough doesn’t include any raising agent, and falls on the other side of the pinch vs. fold debate. Our thought process: If we’re going to try something new, why not go all the way?

So here they are: orange-flavored, folded, parve hamantaschen. As you can see, folding did not fully prevent spillage, but we’re telling ourselves the stickiness adds to the charm. One note: this dough is very wet, so after cutting out the circles, chill the dough again for about 5-10 minutes before forming. You’ll notice the difference.

Happy baking…and happy Purim!

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