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Shooting the messenger

Oh, the irony. A media watchdog’s channel reporting on hate speech is shut down by YouTube for violating its terms. What was the violation? The watchdog was posting...


What a great morning May 31 was! After weeks and weeks of gray, rainy skies, a warm, sunny day appeared, just in time for JEWISHcolorado’s annual Walk for Israel. A...

Five reasons not to support Palestinian unilateralism

On Wednesday, Jordan submitted to the UN a resolution on behalf of the Palestinians that calls for the complete withdrawal of Israel from the West Bank by 2016. This is...

Headlines skew terror attack in Har Nof [UPDATED]

Can anyone in good faith still make the argument that most mainstream media are not biased against Israel? On Tuesday morning, four men peacefully attending Shacharit...

Ceasefire deconstructed

24 hour ceasefire? 72 hour? Indefinite? At long last, after several shorter ones, and long negotiations, it seems that Israel and Hamas have reached a long-term...

Unsuccessful escape

Sometimes, as hard as you try, you just can’t escape. I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I take vacations is to ‘get away from it all.’ My recent...

Forward fans social media flames

Pardon our language, but what the hell is going on at The Forward? From tracking their Facebook feed, the paper seems to be relishing in Israel’s troubles and actually...

Jewish in Europe…during an Israeli war

This is how Jews live in Switzerland. On Thursday, the community I belong to sent an email to all its members warning them to stay away from a pro-Palestinian (or in...

Arab rejectionism, Israeli skepticism

There’s a reason why Benjamin Netanhayu (and we) keeps harping on about Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. It’s because if one reviews the history...

Emotional roller coaster

The post-Passover roller coaster is slowly coming to an end. You’d think Passover, with all its associated preparations and restrictions, would be enough stress to...


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