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What a great morning May 31 was! After weeks and weeks of gray, rainy skies, a warm, sunny day appeared, just in time for JEWISHcolorado’s annual Walk for Israel.

A sea of blue and white set off from the JCC parking lot — itself rocking those same colors — and headed up past Denver’s own Dome of the Rock lookalike and onto Alameda for a circuit through Hilltop and back to the J for a great buffet perfect for restocking the electrolytes and carbohydrates (although let’s be honest, none of us probably burned any large amount of calories).

Snapshots from 2015’s Walk for Israel
Clockwise, upper left: Blue People, Ride for Israel, More Blue People, An Arch of Blue & White

On what could also be termed ‘stroll for Israel,’ our IJN group caught up with colleagues and friends in the community — and met some new faces. It was a wonderful morning of stretching the legs, schmoozing, noshing, and, most importantly, standing up for Israel.

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