Thursday, October 21, 2021 -
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Karen Galatz

    What would mom say?

    Growing up, I chafed under three parental fashion edits — no tattoos, no pierced ears, and no jeans with frayed edges or holes. It wasn’t, I admit, as stringent as...

    A yen for a little zen

    ROSH HASHANAH EDITION 5782 SECTION D PAGE 19 A new city for my husband and me. A new job for one of my children. A new year soon to begin […]

    Betty, Barbie, Mighty Mouse and me

    Growing up, I watched Betty Boop and Mighty Mouse cartoons every week. Then I played with my Barbie dolls all afternoon. For a break, I read and reread my ever-growing...

    Enough with the mean Karen meme

    Editor’s Note: Meet the IJN’s newest columnist, Karen Galatz, an award-winning journalist, columnist and blogger. Her “Matzo Chronicles” column appears in...