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Karen Galatz

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Faces and places

The gentle, sentimental Tom Paxton song “Faces and Places,” written decades ago, is an old favorite of mine. Yet, recently it came to my mind in a completely...

Seeing the light

The trip was one-part anniversary present, one-part dream travel destination come true, but most of all, it was a long, longed-for spiritual re-connection with my father...

Live long and prosper?

Does the thought of a super long life thrill or chill you? Once upon a time, the idea of living to be 100 was extraordinary. Now, while hardly commonplace, it’s...

New year . . . new face?

My mother wore her wrinkles with pride. She was vehemently anti-plastic surgery. My oldest brother, whose legal expertise focused on medical mishaps, was likewise...

Harmony in unharmonius times

I was in New York recently to see a jolly round of nine shows. A surprise favorite was the musical, “Harmony,” about the Comedian Harmonists, an internationally...

What’s shakin’ in your salt shaker?

I come from a long line of Morton Coarse Kosher Salt users. My mother bought it. My grandmother bought it. My sisters-in-law bought it. Even my non-Jewish mother-in-law...

Needed: lox mule

Growing up, lox, bagels, whitefish, sable and pickled herring were weekend staples — as reliably served up on our brunch table as the massive Sunday New York Times.

Where the wealth is

We of that other generation didn’t delete information. We held on to it. At most, we might slash a giant X through a name after a lover’s quarrel.

Liar, Liar. My pants are on fire

We all know lying is wrong. Bad. Evil. “Liar, liar, pants on fire.” We are admonished not to lie from childhood on. It’s the Golden Rule, right?

Mournful and lustful

As I age, I find myself in a constant tug-of-war between two contrary emotions — mourning and lust.