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Vote for candidates and ballot measures

The economy; public education; end of life; the state constitution — these are just some of the issues on this year’s ballot. We’re not talking about Clinton or Trump’s views on these issues, but your view — and your vote.

Despite the never-ending hullabaloo of this year’s presidential election, the top of the ticket is just one question on a packed ballot. There are US senators and Congressional representatives running for office; state legislators; judges; regents; district attorneys.

This general election is about so much more than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It’s about whether Colorado should introduce a publicly funded and publicly run statewide health system; it’s about how our constitution should be amended; it’s about how we run our primary elections; it’s about potentially setting into law minimum wage levels for the next four years

These are not issues you can afford to ignore.

There are many disillusioned this year with presidential politics. Many are still undecided. Remember, one isn’t required to answer every question. One can opt — whether from indecision, lack of knowledge or anger — by not voting on each and every office and ballot issue. That’s a personal choice.

The IJN has never endorsed candidates for political office. We are not urging you to vote any certain way, but we do urge you to vote and to pay close attention to the amendments and propositions on the ballot as well as to the candidates.

Your vote will help inform key decisions in our state and nation.

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