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Representation. Reporting. Colorado sets an example

Amid the turmoil of the presidential election, it may have gone unnoticed that Colorado is a bastion of stability.

With eight seats in the US Congress up for grabs, we sent back the same delegation to Washington, DC. This isn’t to say that everyone in the state is happy with the state of affairs. Two of the races in particular, the 3rd and 6th Districts, were hard fought.

But what the result says to us is that Colorado is, all things considered, satisfied with how it is represented in our nation’s capital. It also tells us that Colorado is strongly purple: Our Congressional delegation is made up of four Democrats and five Republicans. Our Congressional delegation also has a strong history of working with each other. We seem to value diversity of opinion. That’s good news, and perhaps a model to other states.

Another model the nation could learn from: Colorado Public Radio. Many of the larger national media outlets have come under fire for bias or for getting it wrong when it came to their predictions and polls. Particularly on its flagship program Colorado Matters, CPR’s coverage of this general election and the mass of confusing but critical ballot issues was stellar.

Each issue and each candidate was examined from all sides, without any seeming bias — just as news reporting should be.

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