Tuesday, February 18, 2020 -
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Poll: Your favorite Rosh Hashanah food

apple-honey-challahWe know, we know, Palisade peaches, Rocky Ford cantaloupe and Olathe corn are all pouring into the grocery stores, but in the Jewish world, with Rosh Hashanah being so late this year, we’ve got to already start thinking about fall menus.

So while you’re enjoying a piece of fruity cobblers, a slice of fresh melon or freshly grilled corn, it’s time to look a month into the future and consider the fall harvest.

This year, we’ve decided to put the question to our readers: What’s your favorite Rosh Hashanah dish? The answer that gets the most votes will be the subject of a Rosh Hashanah test kitchen session. But we won’t give you just one recipe. We’ll collect interpretations of the same dish across Jewish cultures.

Vote now — and we’ll start recipe hunting!

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