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On behalf of Gilad Shalit

You probably didn’t know, but December 10th is the International Day for Human Rights. What this means I don’t really know, but it does provide a time and space for protesting human rights infractions across the globe. This year various Jewish communities took advantage of the opportunity to appeal on behalf of Gilad Shalit.

The target of these demos was the Red Cross – who according to what I heard at the Zurich demo – is not allowed to visit Shalit. They’re admitted to prisons in dictatorship Myanamar, but not to Gaza. Around 250 people gathered in Zurich in front of the Red Cross’s local office in protest of the continued illegal incarceration of Shalit.

“1,629 days as Hamas’ hostage”

Meanwhile on the other side of Switzerland, UN Watch met with the Red Cross to petition for Shalit’s release.

Shana Goldberg

IJN Assistant Publisher |

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