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Jewish heritage nights

New York. Philadelphia. San Francisco. Phoenix. What do these cities have that Denver does not?

The answer: Jewish heritage night.

Now, from the sound of it, Jewish heritage night conjures up images of cultural exchange, history, perhaps music and food. Instead, imagine bright lights, loud music, sweaty bodies…that’s right. Because Jewish heritage night is a sports event, complete with t-shirts sporting (no pun intended!) Magen Davids for sale.

Sure, the skeptics out there will say it’s just a marketing ploy, a way for ballpark owners to attract more attendees, perhaps from social groups that do not traditionally attend professional sports matches. But, while we see the obvious PR and financial benefits, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great night out. And with Arnie Zaler now remanded into federal custody, how else will we get a kosher dog at a game?

So, should we bring Jewish heritage night to Denver? And if so, which team/sport should host the event? Vote today at!

2 thoughts on “Jewish heritage nights

  1. Avi Schwartz

    I support this awesome idea of the IJN and second koshertravelers above! Bring heritage night to Denver! To a Rockies game at Coors Field! I want to see a “rockymountainjew” t-shirt too! Love that **)


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