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Iran’s hold over Biden

Iran is a bad actor. Israel suffers. Gaza suffers. Also Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria. Why does Biden accommodate Iran?

If Gaza is as poor as its every defender says it is, if Gaza has been “a prison without walls” since 2005, as enemies of Israel like to say, if Gaza needs multiple refugee camps, as the UN insists, if Gaza couldn’t treat its hardest medical cases, as Israel peace activists in southern Israel noted while bringing them to Israeli hospitals — then where did the rulers of Gaza acquire the funds to launch a three-front war on Israel on Oct. 7, 2023?

The funds did not come from Gaza.

The funds came from Iran.

Iran trained the Hamas brutes who carried out the murders and mutilations on Oct. 7, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Iran backs the Houthi who attack Saudi Arabia and hijacks ships.

Iran arms Hezbollah in Lebanon.

And the US? The US finances Iran.

Specifically, the Biden administration released some $10 billion in sanctions relief to Iran on Nov. 14.

Add to that: the Biden administration let the embargo on Iran’s missile program lapse.

Iran attacks American troops in Iraq and Syria.

Iran builds its nuclear program.

Iran supplies weapons to Putin for use against Ukraine.

And the US? The US finances Iran for “humanitarian purposes,” as if these funds do not free up other Iranian funds for its multitude of nefarious policies.

And all this is even assuming that the $10 billion do, in fact, go for humanitarian purposes.

Is a country that finances Hamas, whose beheadings and other savagery eviscerate the definition of humanitarian, to be trusted to spend $10 billion on humanitarian purposes?

Exactly which humanitarian purposes on the scale of $10 billion does Iran preside over?

Speaking of nefarious, the Biden administration wanted to keep these $10 billion in sanction waivers a secret — because it is Congress that is supposed to decide on these things. And because the American public does not want this country financing Iran. Both Democrats and Republicans have opposed Biden in giving windfalls to the country that is arguably the world’s baddest of bad actors. But the secret got out. Biden’s sanctions relief for Iran is on the public record.

Why President Joe Biden keeps coming back to accommodate totalitarian fanatics in Tehran, over and over again, from the day he took office, is beyond us. It is contrary to American interests. In not a single part of the world has Iran altered its bad behavior in response to a single pro-Iranian policy of Joe Biden.

It is unlikely that Israel would have suffered the grevious blow of Oct. 7, or that Gaza would be suffering a war today, if Joe Biden had not ended the punishing sanctions against Iran that he found in place when he took office.

On Nov. 14, nearly 300,000 Jews gathered in Washington, DC to stand up for Israel. On the same day, the Biden administration strengthened Iran dramatically. The senior leaders of both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives came to that rally and stood up for Israel. We thank them! Now, they also need to stand up against this administration’s $10 billion gift to Iran. It is the same thing as standing up for Israel — and for all of the other victims of Iran’s spread of terrorism.

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