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Edmon J. Rodman, JTA

Bummed by Clinton loss? It is still Thanksgiving

It was just last week, on the night of Nov. 8, that my family had all anxiously exchanged text messages as we watched the election results trickle in. State by

The bounty of the first harvest is something to be celebrated and shared on Shavuot. (Wikimedia Commons)

Reclaiming the ‘harvest’ aspect of Shavuot

As we approach Shavuot, there’s a battle going on in our garden over who — or what — will get our first fruits. In ancient days in Israel, beginning at Shavuot...

Not just fruit: Tu b’Shevat a chance for personal growth

LOS ANGELES —— For the last three years, I’’ve celebrated Tu b’Shevat — the Jewish New Year of the Trees — by organizing a participatory seder in a nearby...

When getting a little gelt was as good as gold

CHANUKAH EDITION SECTION E PAGE 8 LOS ANGELES — What can a buck get you on Chanukah? Maybe a gold mesh bag of chocolate coins or a lighter for your […]

At Thanksgiving, looking out for the needy

AS WE prepare for our Thanksgiving feasts, a 90-year-old Jewish man named Arnold Abbott is stirring the pot in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., about hunger and homelessness in...

Is a lunar eclipse on Sukkot an ominous sign?

LOS ANGELES — As we usher in Sukkot, will there be a blood moon rising? John Hagee, the San Antonio pastor who wrote the book Four Blood Moons: Something is […]

Shofar makes house calls

ROSH HASHANAH EDITIONSECTION D PAGE 13 LOS ANGELES — In preparation for the High Holidays last year, my community sent its shofar blower on the road. During the month...

Shhh . . . No! Be noisy!

LOS ANGELES — On Purim, can we really blot out the memory of an evil like Haman, who threatened our very existence, with a noisemaker? When in a popular Purim

Digging for spiritual growth on Tu b’Shevat

LOS ANGELES — While my neighbors were putting their Christmas trees to the curb, in what seems like a ritual of replacement, I was preparing to plant for Tu b’Shvat....

Gobble tov! Insightful aspects of Thanksgivukah

CHANUKAH EDITIONSECTION E PAGE 5 LOS ANGELES — If the Pilgrims are lighting menorahs and the Maccabees are chasing turkeys, it must be Thanksgivukah, as some have come...