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Rabbi Jack Riemer

Hayim Nahman Bialike (Wikimedia)

Bialik’s life story places his poetry in new light

I have questions about some of the subjects that have been chosen for the Jewish Lives book series from Yale University Press. I wonder what Sarah Bernhardt or Benjamin...

Modern twist on the ancient sin of lashon hara

THIS BOOK, an exploration into lashon hara in contemporary culture, arrives at a very opportune time. The Jewish community has just gone through a fierce battle over the...

Riemer’s best new Haggadah of year

PASSOVER 5774 EDITION SECTION A PAGE 13 IMAGINE having a Soloveitchik, a Kuk and a Shlomo Carlebach at your seder How would you like to sit at the seder with […]

A Zionist’s polemic: a dismal prognosis comes true

I REMEMBER reading the first edition of this book when it came out in 1977 and how depressed it made me feel. Now I have reread it in its new […]

Novels on how to deal with terrorism

The diplomats and the political leaders do not seem to be having much success in dealing with Moslem extremism; perhaps the novelists can do better. So I turned to these...