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Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA
Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA

A Torah scroll that fleeing Jews hid 75 years ago at a church Is returned to the Great Synagogue of Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct. 11.

Denmark commemorates 75th anniversary of remarkable rescue

COPENHAGEN — Danish Jews celebrated their community’s rescue 75 years ago in a ceremony Oct. 11 at the country’s main synagogue, the packed sanctuary filled with...

The Jewish cemetery in Frampol, Poland

Nazi photos help preserve Jewish cemeteries

LUBLIN, Poland — When German air force pilots took aerial photographs of western Ukraine in 1941, they did it to help Nazi Germany defeat the Soviet Union in a war...

Rabbi Jehoshua Raskin shares a ride with other visitors to Lyubavichi, Russia, Aug. 26.

Birthplace of Chabad (pop. 200) invites pilgrimages

LYUBAVICHI, Russia — At the age of 92, Valentina Prilashkevitch and her twin sister, Claudia, need to cautiously negotiate the dirt road leading to their wooden home...

Yoram Sztykgold examines the unpublished registry from 1939.

Warsaw phonebook from ’39 aids in restitution

WARSAW — In the small park behind the only synagogue in this city to have survived WW II, Yoram Sztykgold looks around with a perplexed expression. An 82-year-old...

Jeremy Corbyn (Dan Kitwood/Getty)

UK Jews judge Corbyn by ‘the company he keeps’

JERUSALEM — British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn met with the leader-in-exile of a Palestinian terror group in 2014 weeks before its members carried out an attack...

An alley off of the street where Jakiw Palij lives in Queens. (Celeste Sloman/Washington Post)

Nazi deported to Germany

BERLIN — A former guard at a Nazi concentration camp was deported to Germany this week from the US, where he had lived for decades. Jakiw Palij, 95, had lived in...

Shaul Davidov at The Jewish Home in Baku.

The other mountain Jews — of Azerbaijan

BAKU, Azerbaijan — About one year after Bella Regimov’s two children left their native country in the early 2000s for Israel, she became socially isolated. On her...

Demon-strate outside the Labour Party headquarters in London. (Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Is Labour Party anti-Semitic?

LONDON — It’s been nearly three years since Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, and he has riled British Jews more than any other politician...

The 'River Village' Roma camp near Rome. (Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty)

Proposal of Roma registry sets off alarm bells

ROME — When Italy’s interior minister recommended creating a “registry” of Roma, his remark was merely the latest addition to a long list of anti-Roma statements...

Miriam Dubi-Gazan

Ghost writer’s encounters her own ghost

AMSTERDAM — As a seasoned ghost writer who specializes in biographies, Miriam Dubi-Gazan says there is no such thing as a boring life story. Her attention to detail,...