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David I. Klein

‘Russia has crossed the Rubicon’ — arrest of Evan Gershkovich

Evan Gershkovich, 31, has been charged with espionage, in a move that human rights organizations are decrying and the Biden administration is fighting.

Wrenching journey — Haggadah in Ukrainian

For the first time, a Passover Haggadah in Ukrainian.

Bulgaria’s Jews skip remembrance ceremony

Conspicuously absent from a March 10 ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of Bulgaria’s dramatic decision to save its 48,000 Jews from the Nazis were any...

Did Iran direct anti-Semitic attack in Germany?

After a century-old synagogue in Essen, Germany, was struck by two bullets last November, in 2022, news reports connected it to the shooting at a synagogue in Halle...

Earthquake brings Antioch’s 2,500-year-old Jewish community to an end

Jews have been present in Antakya — known in antiquity as Antioch — for nearly 2,500 years, since its founding under the Seleucid Empire.

Never before seen footage of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising unearthed

For the last 80 years, the only way to see images of Jews rising up against their captors in the Warsaw Ghetto has been from the perspective of Germans, who took the...

Pope Benedict was an enigma for Jews

ROME — Jewish groups are among those marking the death of Benedict XVI, the Catholic pontiff who died Dec. 31 at 95, a decade after shocking the world by becoming the...

In Turkey, a festival revives a jewel of the Sephardic world

IZMIR, Turkey — Prague has the dubious distinction of having been chosen by Adolf Hitler to be a record of what he hoped would be the vanquished and finished Jews of...

Lithuania: $38 million for Holocaust survivors

By David I. Klein VILNIUS — Lithuania’s parliament passed a law last week to set aside over 37 million euros ($38 million) as restitution for Holocaust survivors and...

Jews in Kherson face collaboration charges

When Russian troops poured across the Ukrainian border in March, thousands fled from the cities that would be first in their path. But in Kherson, the southern port city...