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Amidst the drama…humor!

As a member of the media we receive myriad info packets and promotional materials. These can come from bona fide organizations or individuals hoping for a voice. The upcoming election and the mammoth hoopla surrounding it seem to have inspired a plethora of forwards and links from the pseudo-organizational, fringes or just plain nutters. Thus, the explanation for our overflowing inbox. We thought we’d glean through the mount and cherry pick a few that we found most amusing, and sometimes even – dare we say it?- informative.

First there’s the video musical, “It’s time to go campaignin'” set to Bob Dylan’s sixties classic, “The times they are a’changin.” Though this probably is not the message the gravelly voiced singer intended, we think he’d find it funny nonetheless.

Then there’s the downright befuddling Rabies for Obama (yes, you read that right, it is the viral disease). Contrary to what’s probably your (obvious) assumption, this website actually supports the Democratic candidate. Apparantly inspired by Rabbis for Obama, this group aims to stop the “smear campaign” against Obama. Or, most likely, they’re just having a laugh. But hey, if you figure this one out, please please let us know!

The last is a legitimate op-ed published in the International Herald Tribune and came to us via a comment posted on an IJN editorial about the DNC. David Brooks, a leading conservative thinker, “rewrites” Obama’s acceptance speech poking fun at the cliches and rhetoric employed by the junior senator. Even if you’re an Obama follower, this parody is pretty darn funny and might even give you something to think about.

Have you come across any zingers or crackers? Either post them on the blog as a comment or email the links to [email protected]. Let’s try to find some more humor in this election madness!

2 thoughts on “Amidst the drama…humor!

  1. T Schwarz

    Maybe humor is the only way out. As for me, I wish this country was like Israel and could call early elections so we could get this thing over with! The global economy is crumbling and for all intents and purposes we have a lame duck president. We need a leaders, ASAP!


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