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What’s stronger than Teflon?

Is being blocked on Twitter an achievement? If so, we have reached a milestone. This past week, in attempting to civilly engage in debate on the latest Jeremy Corbyn scandal, a Corbynite blocked us.

Remember when we thought Bill Clinton was the Teflon president? Has a new substance been invented that’s stronger than Teflon? Because whatever UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn — and US President Donald Trump — are made of, it’s a heck of a lot stronger than Teflon. It’s downright impenetrable.

Maybe the blocking on Twitter is evidence of the crucial difference between the Clinton era and now: Clinton supporters couldn’t simply “block” the opposition: As in, literally, pretend it doesn’t exist.

We can’t even say “the latest” regarding the kerfuffle, because another problematic Corbyn comment has emerged since: one where, speaking to a Palestinian group, he hypothesizes that an Israeli ambassador wrote speeches delivered by British lawmakers in Parliament.

But the one we got into was where Jeremy Corbyn, speaking to a different group of Palestinians, implies that British Zionists aren’t true Englishman since they seem to lack an understanding of English irony.

Yes, we listened to the speech in entirety at the behest of the Corbynites who were defending him. They kept saying “context,” “listen the original unedited” speech. So we did — and so can you. Turned out it was even worse than media reports had it.

In fact the real irony — maybe it’s Corbyn who needs the lesson — lies in Corbyn, the self-professed anti-colonialist, anti-racist, lecturing an entire minority group about how they have been used by Zionism and then offering his help in enlightening them. The great Jeremy Corbyn has no issue taking agency away from British Jews. It couldn’t be that British Jews supported Zionism. No, the paternalistic Jeremy lets us know that those poor, helpless East End Jews were manipulated by their leadership, but luckily Jeremy is around to teach them how to reject Zionism and become true Englishmen. It’s truly stomach churning.

Interestingly this paternalistic aspect has not been picked up by most media — nor has Corbyn or the Labour Party addressed it. And in trying to make this point to Corbynites, we were blocked by them.

Dear Mr. Corbyn: British Zionists and British Jews don’t need you to speak on their behalf, nor do they require your lessons. They have mouths and opinions of their own.

2 thoughts on “What’s stronger than Teflon?

  1. Rob Alexander

    Why the excitement about Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-Zionism/anti-Semitism of the Labour Party? They are true heirs of the tradition established by Ernest Bevin, Aneurin Bevan, Clement Attlee etc. For all those among our brethren who never learned from history, the “statesmen” mentioned here were vile anti-Zionists in the immediate post-WW II years when the British still occupied Mandate Palestine. They enacted a regime of terror and death penalties against the Jewish underground fighters while ignoring the terrorist action of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hadj Amin al-Husseini, and his followers. Only when the Irgun and Lehi escalated their war against the British oppressors did Messrs. Bevin/Bevan and company return the Mandate to the then newly created UN which approved the plan of division of Eretz Israel which led directly to the establishment of the State of Israel. It is long past time that the Jews in Britain and the USA wake up to the fact that the main purveyors of anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli sentiment and propaganda are the leftist Socialists (Labour, Democrats) on the political spectrum. Lest we forget – the Nazis were Socialists too.

  2. Yaakov Watkins

    Jews supported Communists and socialists in Russia and got persecuted for their trouble. In the US in in Academia in the 1920s they used quotas to keep Jews out. Now they classify Jews as whites to accomplish the same goal.


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