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Sicilian cheesecake – final result

Sicilian Cheesecake

Sicilian Cheesecake

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for — the final result of our Sicilian cheesecake recipe. As you can see, it’s not crack-free, but does have a beautiful yellow color and golden top. We did deviate slightly from our published recipe; this year, to make it fully Italian, we substituted luscious mascarpone for the cream cheese. You know what’s great about mascarpone? It’s silky smooth, so there’s no worry at all about a lumpy final product and or about your arm going numb from holding an electric mixer.

This is still our favorite recipe for a lemony cheesecake that’s not too sweet, and, even better, not too rich, which means you’ll have room for a second slice.

How did your result turn out? Let us know here, or better yet, post a picture on our Facebook page.

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