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Local summer fun

Enjoy these last weeks of summer!

With Tisha b’Av firmly behind us and school still a few weeks away, it’s time to discover all the great summer events happening locally. We know that by August, the kids start getting cranky (and sometimes the adults too!), so we’ve put together a list of fun and mostly free diversions and outings for you. From film screenings to outdoor concerts to art exhibitions — there’s a lot on offer in the Metro area!

(And if you’re wondering why we’ve included a huge picture of ET, you’ll find out when you scroll down.)

  • Tour de Farm: You’ll want to be in shape for this one! It’s Ekar Farm’s annual 28-mile bike ride — this Sunday, so sign up quickly.
  • Jazz in the Park: Free open-air live jazz at the City Park Bandstand in Denver. This Sunday, July 28, sees Colorado Jewish young professionals meeting there for an evening of music and chat.
  • Phone Home: This one is perfect for families or those with a bent for the nostalgic. Free outdoor screening of Steven Spielberg’s classic ET at Skyline Park in the heart of Downtown Denver on August 17. Also on our list of 80s themed outdoor movie screenings: The Princess Bride at Infinity Park at Glendale on August 19. Prepare to die.
  • Take a Tour! Discover two of our state’s most well known exports: Coors Brewery and Celestial Seasonings all offer free tours with free samples at the end (well at Coors the samples are only for those 21+!).
  • Head indoors. If you need to escape the heat and aren’t up for a beverage tour, visit the new-ish Mark Rothko at the Denver Art Museum, “Figure to Field”. The exhibition explores the artists leap from realism and into the abstract stuff he’s most known for today.

What other summer events are you looking forward to? And let us know if you take up any of our suggestions!

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