Tuesday, July 14, 2020 -
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Denver, once again

Despite our great skepticism of the latest in government bailouts, stimuli packages – call them what you will – we experienced a thrill being at the heart of it. It’s a brief reminder of the excitement and political engagement we felt back in August, during the Convention.

And pride.

Proud of our community, our religious leaders, in this case Rabbi Joel Schwartzman, who delivered an invocation at the signing of the bill. (We have to admit that we’re not exactly sure why a religious invocation is necessary at such an event, but nevertheless, we’ll take our kicks when we can get them).

But it’s not just the PR opportunity over which we’re kvelling, it’s what Rabbi Schwartzman represents, why he was chosen by Mayor Hickenlooper for this honor. Rabbi Schwartzman serves as an advisor for Denver’s Road Home, Hickenlooper’s action plan for ending homelessness in Denver, a problem which – and now we come full circle – will only worsen in this current economic climate.

So let’s take this moment to feel proud – and also to learn by example and reflect upon what we, like Rabbi Schwartzman, can do in the name of tikkun olam.

2 thoughts on “Denver, once again

  1. Avi Schwartz

    Obama’s beginning as a leader and the beginning of his path to the presidency will def go down in history as being linked to Denver! The convention back in August. And now this! Pretty exciting times for our city, indeed.

    Who is Rabbi Schwartzman? What temple/synagogue is he the rabbi of? Never heard of him, although his work with the homeless sounds admirable.

    And ditto about not understanding the need for a prayer by any clergy when signing the stimulus package in. But as you said, I’m not complaining.

  2. Rocky Mountain Jew

    @Avi Schwartz.

    Joel Schwartzman is a reform rabbi at B’nai Chaim, in Morrison, but actually used to be an Air Force chaplain. For more coverage of the signing, read Chris Leppek’s article covering the event.


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