Monday, July 6, 2020 -
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Lag b’Omer explained

It’s that time of year again – bonfires, barbecues and buzz cuts. That’s right, it’s Lag b’Omer, a day of celebration. And while we love the quirkiness of the holiday, do we actually know why we’re happily shearing 3-year-old heads of hair or stockpiling twigs and branches? Or for that matter, why we celebrate the 33rd day of the Omer at all?

We tackled those questions last year in our “Lag b’Omer explained” posting, and if you’d like to head into this Sunday’s festivities with a little more knowledge and understanding of the day and its quirks, why not have a quick re-read?

And don’t forget to visit our Community Calendar to find out about holiday events (picnic, barbecues, Walk for Israel!) happening in Denver and across the mountain region.

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