Tuesday, January 21, 2020 -
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Zev Pomeranz is the new associate rabbi at Aish Denver

Elana and Rabbi Zev PomeranzRabbi Zev Pomeranz became the new associate rabbi at Aish Denver this fall.

Rabbi Yaakov Meyer, Aish Denver founder and director, met Rabbi Pomeranz in Israel this past summer and was impressed by the rabbi’s “gentle and kind disposition as well as his profound wisdom,” he says.

“I knew that he and his wonderful family would be a great fit for Aish Denver.”

Rabbi Pomeranz in a native of Suffern, NY. He studied at Yeshiva University, where he graduated with honors in psychology and later earned an MA in Jewish education.

His rabbinic ordination is from Yeshiva University.

He also studied extensively under Rabbi Chaim Ilson at Yeshiva Derech HaTalmud and Rabbi Ephraim Kirschenbaum at Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem.

He has taught students from diverse backgrounds, from beginners at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem to advanced religious scholars.

Rabbi Pomeranz’ wife Elana, a native New York City, received her undergraduate degree in European history from Columbia University.

She earned an MA in special education at Hunger College and has taught girls in middle school through post-high school for more than a decade.

The Pomeranz’ have four children: Chana Bracha, Shlomo Zalman, Malky and Moishy.

“We are so excited to welcome them to Denver and look forward to having them as part of the Aish family,” Rabbi Meyer says.

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