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Your views on the Iran deal

The Iran deal is signed, sealed and, well, not quite delivered, which isn’t a result users will be happy with — going off the results of our recent poll. We asked whether you thought the US Congress should support the deal, and a resounding majority of you (67.6%) said no. That’s a similar percentage to the vote taken in the House of Representatives on Sept. 11, 2015, where 269 members voted against the deal, while 162 supported it.

We offered poll participants a choice of reasons behind their vote, and that’s where the results got interesting. The majority of voters opposed the deal because, “this deal will further destabilize the Middle East,” (50.7%) not because “Israel is deeply concerned about this deal and the US should be more supportive of its ally” (9.9%), putting rest the idea that Jewish voters are always primarily motivated by Israel. These results show an ability to take in the big picture and assess this deal’s impact on the region as a whole, not just the Jewish state. An even smaller percentage of no voters (7%) gave as their motivation that “this deal is not supported by the majority of the US Congress.”

On the other side of the question, most yea voters said they supported the deal because it “is the best way to keep Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon in the next decade” (18.3%), closely followed by the reasoning that “this deal is supported by the majority of world leaders” (14.1%).

The yeas have, and the nays now turn to closely observe the implementation of this agreement, keeping in mind throughout their primary concern that an already dangerously unstable region doesn’t come to the brink of catastrophe.

1 thoughts on “Your views on the Iran deal

  1. Aaron Ainbinder

    When Hamas and Hezbollah next attack us/Israel (it is a matter of when and not if) we can thank Colorado politicians DeGette, Perlmutter, Bennet and Polis for voting to help Iran continue to fund these Islamic terrorist groups, to the tune of $150,000,000,000 ($150 Billion.) I would wager that most Colorado Jews voted for these Democrats and will do so again.


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