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Your pet’s Jewish name

Dear Tzviling,

My wife Leah and I are married for six years and do not have any children. We are working with a fertility specialist, but we realize everything depends on the blessings of Hashem. We go to the synagogue, pray every day, and give lots of charity. But so far, no children.

What is the best way to pray for a child?

Moshe, Toronto

Dear Moshe,

The first thing is, don’’t become discouraged. Keep on giving charity. Your situation is indeed painful. Having children is the greatest gift that G-d gives. Our righteous women merited to have children only after much prayer — Sarah, Rochel, Leah, Chana, to name a few.

Here is an important part of prayer:

The Talmud tells us that someone in need of a blessing who prays for someone else, will get answered first.

Here is what you do. Locate a couple — even if you don’’t know them — who is also in need of the blessing of children. Get the Hebrew names of the couple, and pray for them. Have them in mind when you pray for children. And may G-d answer your prayers very soon.

Dear Tzviling,

I am looking for ways to improve my sholom bayit — relationship with my wife.

I heard that there is a custom of folding the talit right after Shabbat to enhance one’s sholom bayit. Is this true?

Yankel, Montreal

Dear Yankel,

You are making a good point. Our holy rabbis do mention that folding the talit is effective for shalom bayit. That can help, but what will definitely work is offering to do the dishes.

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