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Yeshiva student murdered by terrorists in Gush Etzion

Dvir Yehuda Sorek

By Aryeh Savir

An Israeli soldier on Wednesday night, August 7, was stabbed to death by Arab terrorists in Gush Etzion.

The victim was identified as Dvir Yehuda Sorek, 19, of Ofra in Benyamin. His grandfather, Rabbi Benyamin Herling, was murdered by Arabs terrorists in a shooting attack near the West Bank town of Nablus (Shechem) 19 years ago. Dvir Sorek was the son of Yoav Sorek, a well-known journalist.

The IDF stated that the Sorek’s body was found in the early hours of the morning with stab wounds, near the city of Hebron. He was a student at the Ohr Torah Stone Robert M. Beren Yeshivat Hesder Machanaim near Migdal Oz and Efrat, and at the first stage of his military service.

His body was found just meters away from the entrance to Migdal Oz and near his yeshiva.

Massive amounts of security forces and police were streamed to the area and launched a manhunt for the terrorist.

It is yet unclear if the soldier was abducted and then killed when the abduction went wrong, or if he was killed immediately.

This attack occurred five years after and just hundreds of feet away from the scene of the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frankel, and Eyal Yifrach, who were on their way home from school in Gush Etzion on the night of June 12, 2014, when they were kidnapped and murdered.

Israeli leaders across the spectrum expressed rage and sorrow over the murder.

Prime Minister and Defense Benjamin Netanyahu, on Thursday morning stated that “this morning we were informed about a harsh stabbing attack. The security forces are currently in pursuit to apprehend the abhorrent terrorist and bring him to justice.”

“On behalf of myself and the government, I send condolences to the family,” he added.

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz stated that “the heinous act will enforce our resilience to strengthen the Jewish presence throughout the Land of Israel.”

Former minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, currently the head of the United Right party, called to “exact a high price in the face of severe terrorism.”

“The State of Israel must exact a high price and strengthen its deterrence in the face of Palestinian terror.”

Ohr Torah Stone stated that “with immense pain, we mourn the murder of our dear and beloved student Dvir.”

“Dvir was one of the pillars of the Beit Midrash, with awe, tolerance and wisdom, combined with a kind and compassionate heart for every living thing,” the yeshiva said in a statement.

Its rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander said: “We are heartbroken over the murder last night of Dvir. He was a student beloved by his friends and respected by his teachers. The loss of this sweet soul and gentle spirit will not deter us from continuing to build the State of Israel through the prism of a love for Israel and love of all humanity.

“At the time of his murder, Dvir was on his way back to the Yeshiva after buying books for his teacher. His body was found clutching them,” added Brander. “He was a young man who believed in treating every human being in the image of G-d no matter what religion.”

Gush Etzion Regional Council head Shlomo Ne’eman said Thursday morning that “Gush Etzion was awakened to a difficult morning in which pure blood was shed by rogue assassins.”

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