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World Cup update: USA scores in the 91st minute! And the Rockies too!

For those of you who missed yesterday’s USA triumph, the excruciating, last minute triumph, when Landon Donovan scored in the 91st minute, in extra time against Algeria, drop what you’re doing right now and watch this video. I mean it. You’re at work? Get out that set of earphones. You won’t regret it.

I honestly don’t remember the last time my heart was beating that fast. Chance after chance missed by the USA. Meanwhile over on the other screen, England clearing dominating Slovenia, but yet myself and the other Americans in the pub praying that Slovenia will score. You see, the latter would have enabled us to progress to round of 16 even without scoring in our match. Oh the tension!

I understand it may be hard to tap into the emotions if you didn’t watch the match from beginning to end. The sheer joy, fist pumping, double high fives with anyone in arm’s length, the adrenaline rush – sure that’s hard to get from a 1-minute video. But listen to the incredulity in the announcer’s voice and watch Donovan slide on the field and the entire USA squad jump on top of him. Oh the elation! The ecstasy!

With USA winning its group, it faces Ghana in the next match, which unfortunately is on Shabbos, the 26th, so we’ll have to wait until after the fact and get our fix watching video clips.

And now to our Jewish player update: Jonathan Bornstein played for most of the match, substituted only late in the 2nd half. Benny Feilhaber came on after half time, and had a really nice shot on goal, which unfortunately was deflected off the goalie’s legs. Meanwhile Jonathan Spector, who’s been on the substitution list for all three games, has yet to play.

Here’s another video you need to watch – unless, that is, you were at Coors Field last night. Like the USA team, the Rockies bring it home at the last minute with a beautiful homer from Giambi. The celebration is so similar to that of Team USA’s in the World Cup. The joy is practically tangible. Boy, was that a good day for sports fans!

One thought on “World Cup update: USA scores in the 91st minute! And the Rockies too!

  1. Soccer Fan

    It’s all over 🙁 Despite the performance against Algeria last week, we couldn’t bring it home tonight. The depression is sinking in….Thanks for your coverage!


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