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With a cartoon, The New York Times caricatures itself

We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry. The prompt is a comment by Alan Dershowitz, the retired Harvard law professor and Israel advocate. He had this to say about the anti-Semitic cartoon that The New York Times ran, then sort of apologized for, then apologized for, then really apologized for. He said:

“The only good thing The New York Times has ever done for the Jewish people is that it put a lie to the notion that the Jews control the media and use it to support their own interests.”

Meanwhile, the sad thing is that, in this instance, Jews do own one medium, The New York Times, but do so to oppose Jewish interests. The newspaper’s shameful record of radically downplaying the Holocaust, lest it appear “too Jewish,” is so well documented that by now even the current Times leadership acknowledges it. But that was then. Today, the Times behaves toward Israel exactly, analogously, as it behaved toward  Europe’s Jews slated for mass murder by Hitler.

Case in point just this week, after the apology. Nothing changed. Read the Times coverage of the recent rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas. Read the story beginning to end and you will read a lot of opinion (not news) — opinion about how Israel needs to rethink its blockade of Gaza. Read and read, and you will find not a single word about Hamas’ diversion of the goods that Israel did send to Gaza when it did suspend its blockade — not a word about Hamas’ theft of these goods from its own citizens in order to use them to build terror tunnels to attack Israel. In today’s context, that is just as shameful as downplaying the Holocaust. It’s the same fear of appearing “too Jewish.” It’s the same embarrassment over being Jewish.

That, we trust, even Alan Dershowitz can find no redeeming merit in.

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