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When Republicans win, it’s ‘dysfunctional’

Since the Bolsheviks inaugurated the first edition of their party newspaper Pravda (the Russian word for truth), the left has shaped truth to serve its goals. On an individual level, there are plenty of progressives who are honest and plenty of conservatives who aren’t. But truth is just not a left-wing value. Rather, feminism, environmentalism, material equality, and fighting racism, sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia are more important.

The myriad falsehood-based hysterias unleashed by the left in our country — the alleged heterosexual AIDS epidemic in America, the number of homeless people, the number of deaths from anorexia, the current charges of a “war on women” and of a “culture of rape” on American college campuses, the immediate assertion that the killing of a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, was caused by racist police — testify to the left’s cavalier attitude toward truth.

The latest shaping of truth is almost funny because it’s so transparently self-serving. Since last week’s elections, commentators on the left have declared American politics “dysfunctional.” When Democrats win by a landslide, the left regards this as testimony to thegood sense of the American people. When Republicans win by a landslide, America is dysfunctional.

Here is the first sentence of New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s post-election column: “Let’s face it: The American political system is broken.” And of Tom Friedman’s: “We’ve just had a nonsense midterm election.”

According to the left, the lopsided Republican victory wasn’t a repudiation of the Democratic Party, let alone of its belief in ever-expanding government. Rather it was a repudiation of “Washington’s dysfunction.” The voters were sending a message, the argument goes, not to Democrats, but to Washington.

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Dennis Prager

Columnist | Conservative Lens

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