Saturday, September 23, 2023 -
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Wanted: Documents concerning the guilt or innocence of Emanuel Saltiel

ROSH HASHANAH 5777 L’CHAIM MAGAZINE would we be without our heroes and our villains? They are, after all, our avatars of right and wrong, good and evil — the polar icons by which we measure our collective morality. Villains and heroes play leading roles in our mythology, folklore, literature, even our Scriptures. In the actual world, however, they are not always easy to distinguish. Unlike the melodramas of early cinema, the heroes aren’t always handsome with white hats and pearly smiles, the villains not always sinister with top hats and curly mustaches. Most of the time, the heroes and villains look pretty much like the rest of us. We’re drawn to them nonetheless, perhaps because their black and white nature somehow makes our moral quest […]
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