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Verbal Xmas dilemma

It’s the first week in December. Christmas carols jingle in the marketplace and parking is as challenging as first-year calculus.

Undeterred, a Jewish woman in search of last-minute Chanukah gifts endures the competitive jostling and hunger-inspired irritability. Finally she arrives at the checkout desk and pays for her purchases.

“There you are,” the sales clerk smiles. “And Merry Christmas!”

Our hypothetical Jewish shopper is now faced with several options. She can say, “Merry Christmas to you” and take it in stride, or proclaim, “I’m Jewish, I don’t celebrate Christmas.” Saying nothing also says something.

This particular Jewish woman doesn’t want to offend the overworked, stressed sales clerk. She knows that working retail during Christmas is like putting the five-section IJN Chanukah edition to bed each year.

May we suggest that if you run into this situation at your local department store, grocery or gas station — and no doubt you will — react with a smile. Then add a heartfelt “Happy Chanukah!” End of dilemma.

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