Friday, July 3, 2020 -
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The UN parody gets funnier and funnier

We know, we know. Keeping track of these ways the UN is both dysfunctional and anti-Semitic is getting repetitive. But there was one tweet this week that reach such a level of absurdity we just had to share.

Check this out:

It was truly one of those laugh out loud moments because at first we honestly wondered if this was parody. But no, it turns out this account does belong to the real Jan Kubis, who is the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon. Yes, Lebanon, the country that has been destroyed in large part due to the likes of Naim Qassem and his terrorist accomplises.

Just in case you don’t know, Hizbullah, or Hezbollah, as we usually spell it, is a terrorist organization and proxy of Iran. It is designated a terrorist group not only by Israel — often the target of its terrorism, or by the US, a strong Israel ally, but the Arab League, Bahrain, the Netherlands and Japan, among others. What’s truly amazing is that Kubis’ own employer, the UN, has passed a Security Resolutions (1559 and 1701 to be specific) calling for the disbanding of Hezbollah’s military.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Kubis’ tweet was ratioed, meaning it had more comments than it did likes or retweets. This is usually a sign that a tweet isn’t thought of particularly well, and skim through the comments on this one range from disbelief to to disparagement to laughter.

Honestly, what did Kubis expect when expressing gratitude to the man who leads an organization that openly espouses the genocide of Jewish Israelis?

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