Thursday, January 21, 2021 -
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Nothing against the Rockies or DU. Both, in very different ways, beautifully enhance our community. Yet, with numbers too big for almost all of us to get our heads around — the Rockies with an unusual 330,000 square foot real estate project, price tag unannounced, and DU with a new $143 million dorm —something else caught our eye.

It was about negative numbers. It was about another community enhancement, rarely noticed and certainly not exalted, as  are sports teams and lush campuses. It was the Action Center, a homeless shelter. It is closing. It’s run out of funds.

Its numbers were not about square feet but about 6,250 nights in the shelter in 2017, and 20,000 people aided in other ways, too: food, emergency services. No longer. Shouldn’t there be funds for this, too?

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