Friday, April 19, 2024 -
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Todd Siler bridges art and science

Siler, a renowned multimedia artist, helps individuals and groups fine-tune and resolve goals through a creative process utilizing scissors, paste, crayons, found objects and intuition. Siler, the first visual artist to receive a PhD in interdisciplinary studies in psychology from MIT in 1986, is the inventor of Metaphorming. Metaphorms are symbolic models that visualize and give form to ideas. They can stimulate inspiration and pour fresh insights into old conundrums. “Think of all the connective tools we use: metaphors, analogies, similes, puns — everything that connects one thing to another,” Siler says. “You can repurpose every single thing in our environment as a metaphor. “A Metaphorm is literally anything you see around you that can express an idea, a concept, a theory, knowledge, an experience […]
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