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The rabbi replies: Rabbi Boaz Heilman

Rabbi Boaz Heilman of B'nai Torah is featured in "The Rabbi Replies".

The rabbi replies: Rabbi Emily Hyatt

Latest installment of "The Rabbi Replies," with Rabbi Emily Hyatt of Temple Emanuel (Denver).

The rabbi replies: Rabbi Yisroel Engel, Bais Menachem

Yisroel Engel is, by his own admission, always in a hurry. This is not to imply that he rushes things; as you get to know him, you can tell he is thoroughly committed to...

The rabbi replies: Richard Rheins, Temple Sinai

A profile of Rabbi Rick Rheins of Temple Sinai, as part of the "Rabbi Replies" series.

The rabbi replies: Menachem Siderson, Aish of the Rockies

Profile of Rabbi Menachem Siderson of Aish of the Rockies in Denver.

Mikvehs to be built in name of Meron victim

A diverse group of Jews who come together to build two mikvehs in memory of Yossi Kohn in Boise, Idaho, and Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Retrospective: Freedom Rider recalls his activism

A Freedom Rider and civil rights activist, Rabbi Allen Secher marched and prayed with Rev. Martin Luther King.

The Bat Mitzvah — 100 years after the first one

Temple Emanuel is one of more than 100 synagogues honoring the milestone in expanding roles for women in synagogue: the 1922 Bat Mitzvah of Judith Kaplan Eisenstein, the...

Coin of the realm: childhood passion to business

Matt Trookman, numismatist, first became interested in coins at the age of five, when he stopped a passerby to ask about the jingling noise coming from his pocket. He...

Wyoming: the rabbi with a kaleidoscopic approach

It’s a question virtually every rabbi has been asked at one time or another: What kind of rabbi are you? It has certainly been asked of Rabbi Moshe Halfon: “The best...