Sunday, April 14, 2024 -
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The other side comes to town

Slowly, slowly, we’re getting back to regular life. The excitement has dissipated, we’re no longer the talk of the nation, famous faces are once again few and far between.

Or so we thought.

Actually, turns out, Denver remains an essential stop on the campaign trail – but this time both sides are visiting town.

Several weeks ago, an IJN editorial addressed the importance of Colorado in this upcoming national election. Back in 2004 our swing status was only in its infant stage; now, four years later, it’s reached full maturity. And this year, more than ever, candidates are paying attention to states like us. Feels good to know that our votes really will count. (And a little nudge to those who’ve stated on our poll that they don’t plan to vote, please change your minds!)

The self-named lipstick bull first arrived in Colorado last week, making a stop in Colorado Springs. Of course her running mate, John McCain was present as well, although the “hockey mom” is fast eclipsing her superior in terms of attention and recognition.

Obama, though already familiar with Colorado, realizes he didn’t sew up the Colorado vote, and will also be returning to woo those who remained immune to his charm on his last visit.

So it looks like we’re in it for the long haul, until November 4th. Let’s enjoy the spotlight while it lasts!

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