Saturday, September 19, 2020 -
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The madness of Ken Livingstone continues

 If anyone is “mad,” to use Ken Livingstone’s choice of words to describe Hitler’s decision to annihilate European Jewry, it’s looking more and more like it is Livingstone himself.

Instead of apologizing for his observation that Hitler was a Zionist, the former Mayor of London decided to double down. The creation of Israel was a “great catastrophe,” he said, knowingly or unknowingly using the Palestinian phrase for the creation of the Jewish state. He called the creation of Israel “fundamentally wrong” and of course made the ubiquitous accusations of the “Israel lobby” cabal.

Essentially, what Livingstone has said, is that Hitler was more supportive of Jews than Livingstone himself.

Livingstone’s line of reasoning is so contorted it’s hard to even pinpoint what the heck he’s saying. Perhaps that’s part of the strategy of these anti-Israel/anti-Jewish hard leftists. Muddle the discussion to such a degree that no one can accuse you of anything, since no one knows what you’re actually on about. At a minimum, what is clear as day is that Livingstone is, to use his own word, “fundamentally” anti-Israel. If someone calls the founding of a nation-state “fundamentally wrong” is it not clear that same person does not support the right of the people to a nation-state? In other words, Livingstone believes that the Jewish people asserting its right to a homeland was “fundamentally wrong.”

You tell us: Does that make him anti-Semitic?


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