Friday, May 29, 2020 -
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The end is near…or is it already here?

Our most recent posting asked readers to contribute humorous links they’d come across regarding the upcoming election. Perhaps not surprisingly we didn’t receive a single such response. The only comment we did receive sums up just how off-point Rocky Mountain Jew was in its last entry.

T Schwarz: “I wish this country was like Israel and could call early elections so we could get this thing over with! The global economy is crumbling and for all intents and purposes we have a lame duck president.”

Thousands foreclosing, global markets crashing, private banks being nationalized; our economy hasn’t seen anything like this since 1929. Forget the ’80s crisis. It doesn’t even compare. And where’s our leadership in all of this? Even if we’re wildly optimistic about President Bush’s bailout plan, does it matter? After all, in four months’ time, the individuals we’re counting on to get us out of this mess, those same individuals that will be controlling roughly $700bn, are out of a job. Administration change. And what then, we start from the bottom again?

In the meantime, as we lose our homes, our retirement, our college funds, we need to get through another month of tit for tat, she said he said and whatever other nonsense will be dredged up in the name of campaigning.

Unfortunately the American people really don’t have any extra time – for campaigning, for elections, for President Bush’s end of term. We need to get on with fixing the very foundations of our economy and society.

So RM Jew apologies for its last post. Indeed, this isn’t a time for humor, unless perhaps it’s gallows humor. It’s a time for leadership. And sadly the soonest we’re going to get it is not for another three months.

And the scariest question of all: are either of these men – Obama or McCain – truly up for this job? Forget about change; can either of these men keep this country – and the global economy – afloat?

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