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The ultimate holiday mashup: Thanksgivukkah!

The Jewish holidays have been freakishly early this year, like Tisha b’Av in mid-July, Rosh Hashana just after Labor Day. And sure, it was nice to have the 25-hour fast done and dusted before August, and a fairly stress-free Sukkot weather wise, but these were just the run ups to massive payoff: Thanksgivukkah!

That’s right, folks! For the first time since 1888 (which, incidentally, the first time ever), Thanksgiving and Chanukah are converging to form the greatest holiday mashup ever. And unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere far, far away (or, to be fair, aren’t on Facebook), chances are you’ve been witnessing — for well over a month now — the creative output inspired by this unique holiday.

They say that like begets like, and well, mashups beget more mashups. And so Thansgivukkah is inspiring the mixing and matching of Chanukah and Thanksgiving traditions and tropes. Much of these, not surprisingly, focus on food, such as sufganiyot filled with cranberry sauce or turkey latkes. But crafts weren’t to be left out, hence the “Menurkey”, a turkey sporting nine candleholders on its feathers (the brainchild of 9-year-old Asher Weintraub).

The next Thanksgivukkah isn’t coming for another 70,000 more years, so better make this one count!

PS: We’ll be posting some Thanksgivukkah recipes in the coming week, so make sure to check back!

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    Thanks for posting about our video, Thanksgivuakkah: The Movie, but I noticed the movie is not hyperlinked or embedded. Can you link the the movie as well like you did for the other pieces you mention?


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