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‘Terrorists in Suits’

Clamor for free speech? How about, clamor for clarity

Many in Congress and six of the seven of the Democratic candidates for president clamor for free speech for advocates of the boycott, divestment and sanction movement against Israel. How about clamoring for clarity? Putting aside for a moment the inherent problem in a free speech claim for conduct (such as a boycott), do the BDS advocates deserve freedom of any kind? Just who are they?

“Terrorists in Suits,” a recently prepared, 77-page report by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, makes these claims:

• There are 100 identified cases of links between two internationally designated terrorist organizations  — Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — and 13 Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) that promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.

• The  links include the placement of over 30 members of the terrorist organizations in senior positions in the pro-BDS NGOs. Twenty of these 30 members have served time in prison, including for murder.

• The  two terrorist organizations and the BDS organizations raise funds together and share the same personnel.

• The BDS groups have received millions of euros from European countries and philanthropic foundations.

NGO Monitor, an Israeli group,  which first researched the link between European-funded NGOs and the Popular Front a decade ago, states:  “In recent years, and based on these findings, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland issued clear guidelines preventing funding for these NGOs. A number of banking and credit card platforms have also stopped service for the terror-linked NGO network.”

Sounds like free speech for some BDS advocates should be the least of our concerns.

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