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Your views on the presidential election

If the IJN’s online presidential poll is representative of the American population as a whole, Romney will be our next president, and by no small margin....

The final days of election 2012

Who would have thought, three months ago, that next week’s presidential election would be so tight? Incumbent Barack Obama was clearly leading the polls, with...

Links to…election resources

Now that the holidays are over, and the dust has settled, it’s time to focus on the pressing issues of the season, namely the upcoming General Election. Though...

Your views on the Romney/Ryan ticket

No sooner had we closed our poll on Mitt Romney than the latest slew of potentially alienating comments from the GOP’s presidential candidate were released. For...

A negative election

Now that Mitt Romney has chosen his veep and the Republican National Convention is only days away, the upcoming election is finally taking a concrete shape. After months...

Four more years for Obama?

Were you surprised by Rick Santorum’s win in Colorado on Tuesday? Thus far Mitt Romney has easily been sweeping the primary elections. On Tuesday, the former...


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