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Mashed potato pancakes — just in time for Chanukah

Don’t have a food processor? Too lazy or tired to get out the box grater? Then this recipe is for you. Mashed Potato Fritters — you get the fried potato goodness...

Tips for frying the perfect latka

The time has come for frying latkes for Chanukah, but before you break out your oil and frying pan, make sure you aren’t making any rookie mistakes — courtesy of the...

Three toppings for your latkes, courtesy Simple Elegance.

Top your latkes — three ways

Our Chanukah food section this year features — no surprises — a classic potato latke recipe. The twist is that this recipe comes with three ideas for how to top...

Still time left to fry!

There’s no getting away from it: Chanukah is about oil, and oil is not the healthiest – or lowest in fat – of foods. But who could say no to latkes? They’re as...

Time to fry!

How many different ways can you make latkes? One might think that at some point the options run out. But that’s just never the case. Maybe it’s because latkes...

Lotsa Latkes!

Thanksgivukkah and Turkey Latkes aside, Chanukah just wouldn’t be Chanukah without a batch of traditional potato latkes. As regular readers of the IJN blog will...

Thanksgivukkah: Turkey latkes with black pepper gravy

We promised you some Thanksgivukkah recipes, and we realized that this one is perfect for the day after Thanksgivukkah, which also happens to be the second night of...

Not your average latkes: Samosa latkes

Every year around Rosh Hashana, the IJN comes with a Jewish calendar sponsored by King Soopers/City Market. As in past years, each month features a recipe that fits with...

Not your average latkes: Beets & carrots

In our series of Latkes Galore, we’re progressing from the traditional to the unusual. After asking our fans on Facebook what other kinds of veggies they’d...

Not your average latkes: Leeks

We’ve been running a poll on our Facebook page asking our fans what other kinds of latkes they’d like to see this year, aside from the traditional potato. So...


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