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Dear OUP: Don’t censor in my name

Our lead editorial today argues that freedom of expression is not a universal value, but is hard-fought and hard-won. If we don’t defend this freedom it will...

‘Moderate’ Rouhani?

Why is the international press referring to Iran’s new president as a “moderate”? Is it because he speak English, holds a degree from a British...

Religiously boycotting Israel

Ed Husain, a researcher with the Council of Foreign Relations, wrote a surprising piece last week in the New York Times on the Arab boycott of Israel. It was surprising...

Don’t like it? Don’t watch it

The publication of Salman Rushdie’s memoir Joseph Anton coincided with last week’s violent protests in the Middle East over a rubbish film about Mohammed....


The news story is by now well known. This past Sunday, the Swiss voted to ban the construction of minarets throughout the country. The vote, which was preceded by a...


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During these very difficult times that we’re all experiencing, why does the Intermountain Jewish News matter more than ever?

  • It connects us when we feel separated and surrounded by chaos. With the IJN, we are not alone. We are all in this together as a community.
  • It is our trusted, distinctive news source. With fake news, conspiracy theories and half truths rampant, the IJN works hard to provide facts, not sensationalism.
  • It brings you the impact of COVID-19 on the Colorado Jewish community, as well as the impact of the coronavirus on the global Jewish community.

Like other small businesses and media companies, the IJN is also being impacted in an unprecedented way by effects of the coronavirus.

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