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Very Important People

B’nai B’rith heir apparent worked his way up from the bowling alley

GARY Saltzman began his B’nai B’rith journey in the most humble and unremarkable of ways – on the bowling alley. The Denver native who grew up on the East Side,...

New branding for Shalom Park expands the concept of ‘continuum of care’

THE “golden years” — as many find out — are not always so golden. Some people are fortunate to retire at the age of their choosing, live with their spouses

For Pulitzer Prize-winner Stacy Schiff, the truth is compelling

IN 2000, Stacy Schiff was in her ninth month of pregnancy and confined to bed rest when the telephone began ringing incessantly. Exhausted, she couldn’t be bothered....

Serebryanski has a way of breaking through barriers

THE simple truth: It’s very difficult not to like Rabbi Yossi Serebryanski. Kids like him, so do old folks. Reform Jews seek him out, as do his fellow Orthodox, and...

Children’s Jim Shmerling wanted a career combining law, medicine, business, kids — and he found it

THE upward route to the office of Dr. Jim Shmerling, The Children’s Hospital’s president and CEO, is a labyrinth of bright open spaces, arching ceilings, pastel...

Underdog champ

IT’S far from a secret that David Lane has a thing for the underdog. He is ready and willing to defend society’s most unpopular, even loathed, figures — everyone from...

The whirlwind: Mother of six, PhD candidate, teacher, rebbetzin

RIVKA Alter swoops through the front door and apologizes for a glitch in her tightly coordinated schedule. “I have to take the kids to BMH-BJ but I’ll be right back....


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