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‘The Deli’ – your local Swiss army knife

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and that may be especially true in a Jewish home, where so many rituals and observances revolve around […]

Jewish Prague: a photographic tour

This photographic tour of Jewish Prague is available as a Google Map, featuring a map of the area, walking route, photos and descriptions. The majority of Prague’s...

Guide for the financially perplexed

On Dec. 1, 2008, the National Bureau of Economic Research officially declared that America had been in the grips of a recession since December, 2007. The headline-making...

A mayoral view of Boulder County

Despite the word “recession” ricocheting around coffee shops, bars, and hiking trails, Boulder County has and will continue to outperform the state and national...

To be a Jewish Democrat: IJN exclusive roundtable

A fair warning to all Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and other detractors of the Democratic Party: This is an article exclusively of and about Democrats. The...

CU President Bruce Benson: Keeping up with him…a losing battle

Do not come to philosophize. Nor to talk politics. Or shoot the breeze. Do not even come to talk about education, as in what happens in the classroom. “I’m not...

Profile: Avi Halzel, DCJE President & CEO

Avi Halzel’s first year as president and CEO of Herzl-RMHA at the Denver Campus has been anything but dull. He came aboard just in time to play a role in […]