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Butte, Montana: Save our shul

At the corner of Galena St. and Washington St. in downtown Butte, Montana, sits a three-story structure, one of the most historic places in the state.

College readiness, Jewish-style

As Jewish students head back to their university campus, or perhaps their first foray into the collegiate world, they might well enter an environment in which the very...

The rabbi replies: Avraham Mintz

The Rabbi Replies speaks with Rabbi Avraham Mintz of Chabad of South Metro Denver in Lone Tree. “We’re not there to step on each other. We’re there to grow...

‘Sounds Jewish’ brings Jewish music to the airwaves

“Sounds Jewish” is a nationally distributed radio show that offers a weekly dive into the variety of ways in which Jewish life, culture and religion are expressed...

‘Jews of the Wild West’ — how we got here

“Jews of the Wild West,” the story of the Jews who helped settle the American West, is the brainchild of director Amanda Kinsey.

Fentanyl: The killer among us

At the age of 20, Hoover, a Thornton resident, had been an opioid addict for three years.

Trudy Strauss: survivor, centenarian, potter

Generations, Boomer-Senior section Strauss gazes through the sliding glass door in her southeast Denver apartment, smiles and says “I like sunsets. I like watching...

The Kamlets — happy campers for 70+ years

Stan Kamlet and Louan Hayutin met as kids in Jewish Denver, then 'clicked' later at Brandeis Camp as teens.

Artistic resident at Springbrooke personalizes her new home

Grace Dallenegra is a prolific lifelong artist and her daughter is a Denver-area interior designer. It’s no wonder that Dallenegra’s apartment at Springbrooke Senior...

Yaron and Michael Marcus ‘sell Denver’

There are approximately 8,000 realtors in the Denver metro area. In a red hot market where properties listed in the morning are sold within a few days, or even by...