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Your dream home can come true

THE TIME has finally come. You are ready to find your dream home. You make a list of your general must-haves — price, size, style, location — and perhaps even some...

Washington Park: Oasis in the city

IT’S an unnaturally chilly May evening in Washington Park, heart of the humble, high-end neighborhood that bears its name. About 50 runners, including fathers wheeling...

Lamperts, a Denver real estate dynasty

WHEN Ann Lampert first stepped into a real estate office in 1923, anything east of Colorado Boulevard and south of 6th Avenue was considered way out in the country, and...

Bonnie Brae: A Denver treasure

THE growth of suburbs and suburban flight has been a factor in the deterioration of many large US cities. This is not the case in Denver. Despite an array of […]

Rent vs. buy — the case for flexibility

“A HOUSE is made of walls and beams,” the writer and educator Dr. William A. Ward once said, “and a home is built with love and dreams.” Anybody who has […]

Organic beauty in the yard

JERRY Katz stands at the intersection of recreation and home improvement. The double duty subject? Gardening and landscaping. Katz learned the multiple benefits of...